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Empo Pump and Maikne San. It was established in 1986 to manufacture water pump and machine. In 2006, Empo Pompa Makina San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti. Our company, which is a company under the name of "Bur
Our company is established in 1948. Until nineties we had manufactured many different parts for different sectors then we have been concentrated on GEAR PUMPS. We joined the experience of half century with technical knowledge and technology. Our basic principles are: Fast and precise production, Quality in every process, Delivery on time and Trust. We manufacture the pumps with the trademark KUPAR, and customer satisfaction is the most important priority for our company so we are nearly the most asked mark in the market now. We have increased the number of kinds and improve the properties of our pumps with the non stop Research and Development facilities. As a result of these facilities we solve serious problems about transfer of some high viscous liquids. We have more than 35 kinds of gear pumps in two groups like INTERNAL GEAR PUMPS & HELICAL GEAR PUMPS. Our company has ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certifi cate and KUPAR GEAR PUMPS complies with the appropriate basic safety and health requirements of the EC Machinery Directive 98/37/EC so we have CE marking on our products.
MAS-DAF was established in 1977 at Istanbul / Turkey. Since that time we are one of the major manufacturer for various kind of centrifugal pumps which can be used for following applications : - Water Transfer & Booster Stations - Building Technologies - Marine Industry - Irrigation & Agriculture - Fire Fighting Systems - Industrial & Chemical Process - Waste Water MAS Group exports its products to more than 65 countries all over the world. Our main production line is as follows : 1. End Suction Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps. (DIN 24255) 2. Multistage Centrifugal (Horizontal & Vertical) Pumps. 3. In-Line Centrifugal Pumps. 4. Fire Fighting Pumps And Complete Fire Sets.(According to NFPA 20 & UL/FM approved) 5. Split - Case Pumps. 6. Chemical Process Pumps. ( DIN 24256 ) 7. Self Priming Sewage Pumps. 8. Submersible Sewage Pumps 9. Thermal Oil Pumps 10. Booster Sets 11. Pressure Tanks Some certificates that we have is CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GOST, UKR Sepro, UL, FM..
Our company started to operate in its workshop in which realized coil winding pump repairments in 1986. When its gone 1990s, company established small scaled manufacturing factory, and then company continue its business life by starting to work under the name of Akin Pompa Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret Inc. Co. in its new factory which has got 1200 square meters area in Kutlukent in 1995. With the aim of expanding our business area, adopting new technological developments and drawing our line oriented to rivalry conditions, company relocated in 5000 square meters area in Tekkekoy in the late of 2008 and equipped our factory with latest technological cnc machinery, continued to operate with 180 kinds of pumps. Our aim is to give quality services and meets customer satisfaction. Our works and certificates are the indicators of our services. Being one of the leading companies in its industry, Akin Pompa considers changing and developments in market as its chance to widen its business area and aims to manufacture new products.
Our company was established by Mr. Osman Nemutlu in 1975 under the name of Nemutlu Casting Company undertaking casting as its main business activity at a production area of 400 square meters in Meram industrial area. The company continued, effectively, with the casting activity for many years by observing strict quality measures on its products. In 1989, the company widened its production by investing on vertical shaft turbine pumps and water-well drilling activities. Thanks to the hardworking of the company workers and personnel by then, as they made the company to gain wide popularity in the sector and hence enabling it to acquire an important position in the sector in Turkey. In 1992 the company expanded its production area to cover a total of 1200 square meters. In 2000, the company gained the status of being a well organized family company and changed its name to NEMUTLU PUMP, CASTING AND ENGINEERING COMPANY. In the same year the company started production of submersible pumps and again due to its high quality and reliable products, it became among the few best companies in the sector within a short time. In 2006, the company shifted its production to its new factory building at Busan Organized Industrial Area where it is currently continuing to produce all its products in this 11,000 square-meter area (divided into 7000 square-meter closed and 4000 square-meter open area). We cast, machine-process and produce all our products and components within our company premises. Current executive director of our company is Mr. Ibrahim NEMUTLU. Our company has always been a follower of technological developments and succeeded in imposing technological changes into its production system. For this purpose, the company has exerted much effort to make sure that it carries out production that copes well with renowned worldwide standards. Under the light of this aim; in 2000, our company acquired ISO 9001-2000 and TSE 11146 certificates, and at the same time completed procedures for acquiring CE certificate.
CAVUSLAR Submersible Centrifugal Pumps prdoduction began in 1969. Since its establishment, our company has been keeping up with technical development and has been applying the new changes into the prdoduction line, that has resulted in gaining a better quality and expanding market both locally and internationally of which Cavuslar Co. is proud of. CAVUSLAR A.S has been aware that a certain percentage of the turn over should be invested in further developing the pumps that it is producing, and through that investment will improve the quality which will gain the pleasure of customers. Indeed, without fresh investments, keeping up with technological enhancement can not be sustained. Having achieved a high standard products and being certified with TSE and ISO 9001 have not stopped Cavuslar from setting up its own Search & Develop department which Cavuslar views as an important step for continuous development. CAVUSLAR A.S has been also providing customer services within Turkey and abroad to support the buyers and insure maximum benefit of the pumps it sales. Cavuslar pumps are warrented for a year and also makes sure that spare parts are provided at agents outlets in abundance. Through a net of mechanical repair agents, a further support is available throughout the country. Cavuslar co. keeps the prices of the pumps competitive. The best award Cavuslar has gained is the trust and acceptance it has won for CAVUSOGLU BIRADERLER model pumps that has become a trade mark in the market, that is a result of dedication, qualiity and the experience of 40 years.